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Non-metallic products classification and identification options watches:

1, sapphire crystal: alumina synthesis, the hardness of 2200 to 2300's domain, its hardness only to diamond, to thoroughly eliminate surface area dress in. Sapphire crystal to the ground or cannot have on common glass? No, since the floor or popular glass might contain diamond or diamond dust and particles, if it will run to the sapphire crystal scratching; A further scenario is run than sapphire crystal gentle sticky substance in the sapphire crystal, sapphire consequence Crystal scratching, scratching this can be untrue, may well be polished to restore the grasp. The subsequent tactics can be utilized to identify:

① drip method: a fall of water on a watches mirror drops, drops of water diffusion implies that the substance is regular crystal watches mirror, if drops of non-proliferation may be a sapphire.

② fingernails scraping technique: by using nails scratching on a watches mirror, there exists a way of arrest indicates the product is common crystal watches mirror, clean experience no resistance whether it is sapphire.

③ hardness system: measuring watches mirror material hardness and also the hardness of each distinction which is well-known. This technique is among the most correct, but the implementation is a lot more complicated.

2, mineral crystal glass: exhausting, high-quality crystal glass.

3, artificial crystal: polished artificial crystals.

4. Jade: A gem, the primary origin of Peru, Alaska, America, Myanmar. Colours are white, inexperienced, clear, translucent, pearl plenty of species; with a fantastic number of exceptional jade, selling prices are superior, in recent years, there is Swiss watch manufacturing facility will jade for jewellery generating watches, exudes a form of various with the drill Oriental style jewelry watches.

5, diamonds: diamond indicates once pondering diamond, diamond Wholesale Bell Ross Watches can be described as organic mineral, is tough diamonds, but typically people don't include to both segments. To put it simply, the diamond crystal may be a single substance inside the earth's deep excessive pressure, large temperature disorders for your formation of a carbon (C) aspects. It can be undoubtedly one of material wealth, supplied human nature's most breathtaking and most extravagant.

Leather-based strap has really good ventilation, sporting ease and comfort, and so forth., and leather-based strap colour multitude, stuffed with modifications, plenty of option. Outfitted with leather strap watch, with beautiful good temperament and fashion feeling, widely trendy, it's got to take care of a metal strap indicate use. Recognize and grasp the essential qualities of leather strap and plan servicing of data, to extend its support living, the safety of affection watches may be very critical.

Diverse components have completely different cortical and patterns, variations. Just the American crocodile Phi high quality and clean, oily, striae fragile, sophisticated remarkable, is to always develop top leather leather strap; together with the usage of common European bracelet handmade crafts processing alligator strap alot more noble luxurious high quality , the Swiss high watches and other watches the popular international normal, by profitable consumers, white-collar personnel not to mention watches admirer preferred.