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Recommended three witness of love couple watch

Recommended] love is always the theme of the world, the generalized love for love of the world, narrowly love is love between men and women, love love between friends, between lovers. Today we generally call love is love between men and women, we have always wanted to witness our love, through and things, through all things that can be recorded to commemorate the love, such as photographs, rings, etc., in fact, in addition to these We can also use the watch to commemorate our love, watch symbolizes time, because only time can witness your love, love beyond space. Watch House today for everyone to recommend three pairs of light women watch, witness of love with time.

Borel retro series GBR8280-212 / LBR8280-212 table

Watches Comments: Time and light games Borel retro series GBR / LBR8280-212 vivid interpretation of a couple on the table. 12 three section wedge seedy nails, protruding edges while giving varied light projection. Seedy nail arrow pointing decorated with "Paris pattern" of the central dial, brushed surface fine obelisk-shaped arrangement with the outer ring, creating a rich level effects. Between the bezel and strap ion 18K rose gold, male table 3H bit big calendar box, calendar female form 3H bit small box, perspective bottom of the table show the complex, fine Swiss automatic movement structure, taste without a break. The couple on the table cohesion Borel to attain 159 years of watchmaking, the retro feeling the perfect combination of aesthetics and modern, agile and elegant, deep stable of vintage watches, Love Lane in the splendid witness to your every romantic moment!

Amy Long Time Wings series 08.1156.G.6.8K.21.0 / 06.1156.L.6.8K.21.0 table

Watches Comments: the brand "flying wing scepter" logo are deduced "Wings of Time" series. Amy Long designers with its sharp eyes, captures human desire and dream to travel through time, to the superb technology, simple lines, the human longing for freedom to fly in space and time dream, to achieve a unique creative on watch - "Wings of Time", the French called "LES AILES DU TEMPS". It has also Bedat Co Watches become the brand's core series Amy dragon! On the wings of Time series a unique design wings, meaning "fly together", sweet love, it is rare in the table for boutique lovers.

Mido Baroncelli M8600.3.10.4 / M7600.3.10.4 table

Watches Comments: Take inspiration from the Rennes Opera House this neoclassical classic architecture, Baroncelli abandoned luxury complex, designed to restore the most natural side of pure, natural contour between the Puritans and Indians symbolizes alone and precious friendship; PVD rose gold plated stainless steel case with a gold light rendering rashes, are like the sunset of the wheat ripe plump, deemed the night swaying in the 17th century American continent bonfire festival; quietly listening, accurate walking ticking voice crooning like the poet, sounds tell engraved in the history of that period moved reel chapter.

Summary: watch symbolizes time, time that is the biggest obstacle to love, love is the most powerful witness. Time is running out, but deep-rooted love, the moment your hand only a second, but this second start, the pointer wrist toggle link pulse from the two lovers, a record of love bit by bit.