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What is the sapphire crystal and identification process?

Now sapphire crystal watch above installed, they are actually removed aluminum oxide and titanium oxide and other impurities, Chemically, synthetic sapphire and natural crystal is no difference, because there is no add other elements, it is colorless transparent no "blue" color.

Sapphire is actually a treasure corundum aside from the pink ruby, another color styles of corundum established, an important ingredient is alumina (Al2O3). Sapphire blue, together with a tiny number mainly because of titanium (Ti) and metal (Fe) pollutants owed. This is an important factor in the quality assurance of the top watch, although sapphire high hardness, which made use of the watch, its shock resistance, high tightness and strength than other materials.

Just what is the sapphire crystal?

They are actually removed aluminum oxide and titanium oxide and other impurities, Chemically, synthetic sapphire and natural crystal is no difference, because there is no add other elements, it is colorless transparent no "blue" color, now Hublot Watches sapphire crystal watch above installed. Aluminium oxide from 100 % pure alumina at excessive temps genuine fabricated sapphire, diamonds devices are then cut back into wafers, and afterwards resort to surface in a watches vanity mirror. Because of the high cost of consuming processing tool, which is a higher cost of sapphire crystal reasons. Now the top watch brands usually use sapphire crystal, although synthetic sapphire technology in the 19th century invention of the 1960s have been using in the watch. ? ??

Sapphire crystal beneficial?

Initially, it does not be scratched. Sapphire may be very rough, this is the finest watch the inescapable selection. However, and glass, it is relatively brittle, easily broken. Therefore, this sapphire once broken, so maintenance costs thus produced will be very expensive because watchmakers before replacement lenses must be carefully examined to ensure that the movement was not left sapphire fine. Moreover, this is a robust fingerprint collector, so routine clearing to glowing track. Whether all-natural or manufactured sapphire sapphire, are probably the hardest chemicals on the globe, Ta Mok's solidity 9 in general coupled with gemstones, it will be no stronger than stuff. Notice on this website which can be not naturally, not to say that the the earth is not going to. Some individual-manufactured silicon-co2 substance solidity also can reach 9, can mark sapphire. If friction is likely to leave scratches on sapphire watches mirror, many construction, decoration materials, silicon-carbon compounds are also used, such as the artificial stone and so on, so in these places.

Is it possible to change the plexiglass watches mirror sapphire crystal?

Can not. Because the fullness within the case will never be the same. Typically, the sapphire mirror than plexiglass watches mirror thicker. Maybe you can find the right size sapphire crystal, but it will also destroy the watch's water resistance. In addition, this result is that many vendors will refuse again for your offer maintenance of the watch.


Oh yeah breathing on top, mist quick dispersed of sapphire crystal glass, usually the jaws while you require away from the mirror on top of the watches around the multiply of that particular point in time, and had time to view the surface never start to see the mist.

2. faucet process

If sound boring compared with sapphire crystal surface, if the general crystal or glass, the sound is more crisp, Gently tap the surface with a fingernail, remember that it must be gentle, fake likely to cracking, to the time lost on the bad to you.

3. drip technique

Conditional example, the shed of water at first, then this layer that will put up, the water droplets will not spread out, and gently fall down, it ought to be gently, extremely gradually, which is a sapphire crystal.

How you can specify the 3 resources watches mirror?

Firstly, you may finger faucet match, thoroughly tune in to the speech. Acrylic match will subject such as a plastic-type material-like noise, and the noise of glass is pretty wide. Next, via the standpoint of excess fat verdict, acrylic looking glass least heavy, heaviest sapphire. Simply because sapphire is a good thermal influences, and whenever you feel, when you will have a wintry beginning to feel. Since sapphire mirror mirror than the other two materials smooth, so if you drop a drop of water in a sapphire crystal top, drop the top is not easy to spread, and other materials will be scattered into one.